A New Social Media Platform for Italians in the U.S.

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October 25, 2012 by Italians in Chicago

by Valeria Fanelli –

Ambassador Claudio Bisogniero launched on Tuesday Oct. 23, the Embassy’s new social media platform, in the occasion of the conference on Twiplomacy 2.0: Rise of E-diplomacy and Future of Communications.

The platform at twiplomacy.it/usa/ will serve as an interface between the twitter accounts of Ambassador Bisogniero (@CBisogniero), the Embassy (@ITALYinUS) and all the other Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube accounts and blogs activated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy and the network of consulates in the United States.

The goal is to provide quick and immediate information to better promote the image of Italy.

“The platform serves to highlight the initiatives organized for 2013-Year of Italian Culture in the United States,” said Italian Ambassador in the U.S. Claudio Bisogniero.

The Initiative met the approval of the ‘social media people’ throughout the world that followed the conference on #Twiplomacy.

The exchange of tweets took place for the first time on Tuesday with succesful turnout.

“Check out the @ItalyinUS embassy’s cool #SocialMedia Hub”, tweeted Matthias Lüfkens, Director of Digital Strategies at Burson-Marsteller.


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