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Italians in Chicago is the first news website dedicated to the young professional Italian community in Chicago. Our goal is to inform, reunite and maintain the cultural heritage that we proudly keep inside of us. We love Chicago and we want to experience everything this city has to offer. Italians in Chicago is open to all of those who want to interact with Italians and love our beautiful Italia.

Please contact us with your comments, suggestions and feedback at italiansinchicago@hotmail.com.

Editorial Staff

Valeria Fanelli: Founder, Editor in Chief. Valeria is an Italian Editor and Reporter with a big range of experience in Public Affairs, International Affairs, Fashion, and Travel. Born in Rome, Valeria has lived in Italy, Spain, Brazil, and Ireland. She loves the city of Chicago, where she’s currently living. After she graduated in law in Italy, she decided to dedicate her energy and passion into writing stories and earned a Master’s degree in journalism at Columbia College Chicago. She wants to pass on her enthusiasm for journalism to her readers and tell stories about different issues all over the world.

Ludovica Botti: Associate Editor Style & Trends. Ludovica is a creative publicist, journalist and “cool hunter”. She worked for National and International advertising agencies in Italy, where she had the chance to meet many bizarre and outlandish people, while inventing Coca Cola advertisements or following fashion shootings. She is interested in new communication means and she is currently working for a dynamic digital agency in the heart of Rome, mixing her experience with the new technologies. She organizes art exhibits for photographers, artists, painters and designers and she loves to write poetries. She lives in between Rome and Milan, two cities that she defines icons of style and contradictions.

Maurizio Carta: Associate Editor Italian News. Maurizio is an Italian journalist with a big range of experience in public affairs and politics. He is currently editor in chief for 13 Magazine and columnist for Total Film Italia. He started his career in 2002, and focused his stories, interviews and investigative reports in Italian and Roman issues. Maurizio’s background is in political economy, foreign affairs and International culture. He covered Russian issues for years and loved it, but most of all he loves writing about Italian news, history and lifestyle. Maurizio will keep Italians in Chicago updated with all they need to know from Italy.

beBenedetta Rossi: Associate Editor. Originally from Modena, Italy, Benedetta moved to the United States in 2012, living and studying in Chicago first, and attending the University of Dayton now. Benedetta loves fashion and wants to take her readers to explore the latest fashion trends, by combining her Italian experience with a new approach to American’s must-have. Benedetta also loves to write about culture, art, education, and sport. Please, e-mail her at italiansinchiago@hotmail.com—and indicate “Benedetta’s blog” in the subject line—for advices, suggestions, or for fashion talks with her.


Christy Tam: Associate Editor Style & Trends

Francesca Cavallo: Associate Editor Healthy Life

Valentina Barbieri: PR and Marketing Director

Elena Picenti: Associate Editor and Consultant

Gaia Carminati: Associate Marketing Specialist

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