Ciao from Benedetta!


January 30, 2014 by Italians in Chicago


Hi everyone! My name is Benedetta and I love fashion.
In this fashion blog for Italians in Chicago I will take my readers to explore the latest fashion trends, by combining my Italian experience with a new approach to American’s must-have. When it comes to fashion, these two different worlds can come together and I will show my readers how to make them work in their everyday life.
The goal of this blog is to advise the readers and give them ideas about the right look that will make them feel beautiful in every occasion— from going to school, to hanging out with friends. I hope I will be able to inspire my readers!
Please, e-mail me at—and indicate “Benedetta’s fashion blog” in the subject line—for advices, suggestions, or for fashion talks with me.
I hope you will enjoy the blog! Ciao!


2 thoughts on “Ciao from Benedetta!

  1. martinasiega says:

    Hi Benedetta! My name is Martina, if you like I can make you in contact with some people that is working in fashion here in chicago, feel free to email or contact me on FB. (smartymartinasiega)

  2. congratulations,’s a great idea. you will be a good contact for me in the US.

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