Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

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February 27, 2014 by Italians in Chicago

foto sfilataby Benedetta Rossi –

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”- Rachel Zoe.

Who else knows better about style than Dolce and Gabbana? Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana perfectly represents the meaning of elegance with their clothes characterized by lace, golden coins and flower designs, especially for the spring and summer 2014 collection.

Watching the spring summer 2014 fashion show is like being in a journey and walking through the remains of the ancient Romans and Greeks. The use of prints of theaters on the dresses is so playful and fascinating; it drives the audience through the history of the Greek influence in Sicily. It’s astonishing how they are able to put together ancient history in today’s fashion. The Greek column hills are the perfect accessories for these outfits, as well as the golden coins on the dresses and on the messy hair up dos. The dresses can depict the reality of those old days, which can inspire everyone. It’s amazing how they could reproduce this great idea from the past in beautiful pieces made by organza, silk, chiffon, cotton, satin and of course lace.

fotosfilata3It’s couture. Sequin dresses light up the runway to then open the way to golden dresses made of coins and black ones made of lace. Lace is a distinguished element of Dolce and Gabbana. It’s so easy to fall in love with lace because it gives you a glimpse of what is hidden behind the appearance. It’s a game of what is seen, and what can’t be seen, where the audience questions themselves what else that dress is going to show them. Is there anything more romantic than lace? I think Dolce and Gabbana clearly know the answer to this question.

We can’t forget to mention the fabulous blossom trees and flower prints, that give the perfect feeling of spring and make the audience dream about the warmer season that is about to come. With this terrible cold in Chicago, people are inspired by these colorful creations that make the audience want to reach out to them instantly and wear them as soon as possible, even though it’s a little too cold now for those short and trapezoid-silky dresses.

Inspired by Dolce and Gabbana, I would like to give you a piece of advice: Remember that in the fashion world one day you are IN, and the next one you are OUT. I am quite positive that if you are wearing D&G you will always be IN and ready for the perfect date, and who knows, maybe also for the red carpet.


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