Celebrate Hallooween at the International School of Comics with Jill Thompson

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October 11, 2014 by Italians in Chicago

halloweenThe International School of Comics presents: Jill Thompson’s Scary Godmother Workshop and Gallery Opening, on Sunday Oct. 26th,

Kids age 6-14 will have the chance to participate in the workshop “Design Your Own Monster” with American Comic Book Writer and Illustrator Jill Thompson from 12:00p.m. to 3:00p.m. Costumes are very much encouraged!

After the workshops parents and kids will enjoy Jill Thompson Art Show “Original Scary Godmother Art“. Wine and Cheese will be served as well as candies! The gallery show will run until Thanksgiving.

For information and costs visit http://www.schoolofcomics.us or call 312-265-0982.

Here is a presentation of the event:

At the International School of Comics there’s something bubbling and brewing,

all little ghouls and goblins, come,  stop what you are doing!

Did  you see the friendly witch sail across the moon in the dark night,

riding so high with her pointed hat, striped socks, and cat who’s scared of heights?

Laughing pumpkins, smoking cauldrons,

tricks and treats for sticky sweets.

Come closer dears and lend us your ears,

for this potion calls for those with no fears!

We’ll start with a classroom and a hefty pour of fun,

a dash of imagination, art supplies, but no we’re not done!

One brilliant instructor by the name of Jill Thomspon,

is what we will need to finish this concoction.

We’ll learn how to design a creature from the depths of our minds,

put it on paper, and create one-of-a-kinds!

After the class has ended there will be fun for the adults,

A wine and cheese gallery opening with entertaining results!

So, please join us, this October 26th,

for a one of a kind Halloween workshop and gallery show that can not be missed!

The International School of Comics is a digital and figurative arts academy offering students a unique art-based curriculum. The International School of Comics provides students with the tools and professional guidance to achieve their dreams of being featured in the international comics and design market.


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