Eating Bagels in Rome

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May 27, 2014 by Italians in Chicago

IMG_4882by Valeria Fanelli –
Finding something as simple as bagels can be challenging in Rome.

No troubles in finding pizza, gelato, spaghetti, or bruschetta, but when it comes to bagels, the research gets more challenging.

After looking for bagels in every neighborhood, bar, or grocery shop in Rome, an American tourist could only think about giving up the research and stop dreaming about bagels.

But recently, a new Beershop located in the heart of Rome, has started offering bagels, together with and amazing selection of International beers.


Alessandro Carboni and Pietro Moscato, owners of Birrandaio, decided to add bagels to their beer menu, a few months ago. Since then, Italians and International tourists has started giving attention to this bar, and enjoying the great mix of Italian and American food that Birrandaio offers.

“We had to combine malt syrup to barley malt,” Carboni said. “We had no choice, it’s a perfect combination.”

He said they took American style bagels, matched them with beer and adapted them to Italian culinary traditions. As a result, they were able to adjust traditional dishes of the Roman’s cousin to bagels and beer.

“We were inspired by Carciofi alla Romana, Pollo ai Peperoni, Coda alla Vaccinara, Cicoria alla Romana, Ciambelline alla Birra,” Carboni said.” Then we also decided to create the “Birramisù,” a readapted version of Tiramisù, Carboni said.

Carboni and Moscato said they have no regrets on their decision. They feel Rome is a great city and there are always people who like to try new things.IMG_4883

“There is a lot of passion for beer in general here in Rome,” Moscato said. “We offer people good beer and good food for affordable prices, while they can enjoy some good music.”

The owners said clients from Philadelphia and New York congratulated them and loved their combination of food and beer.

birrandaioFoto“Our bagels come from “Romeo Chef&Baker,” a bakery that is famous for the use of traditional recipes for their products,” Carboni and Moscato said. Then, Birrandaio takes care of the adjustments, depending on the clients’ demand.

Birrandaio is located in Via Luigi Galvani, 31a, in Testaccio neighborhood.

Birrandaio’s specials are: – Bagels Guanciale-Carciofi e salsa Boscaiola + Gouden Carolus Classic del birrificio Het Anker/Bagels Vegetale melanzane sott’olio-pomodoro-cipolla-pecorino-salsa tartara + Bohemia Regent Vok.


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