Save the Date for “La Febbre” on Feb. 5

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February 1, 2013 by Italians in Chicago

by Valeria Fanelli

The Director of the Italian Cultural Institute Silvio Marchetti presents the screening of “The Fever –La febbre– on Feb. 5.

The movie will be projected in Italian with English subtitles.

Reservations are recommended by clicking here.


Mario Bettini (Fabio Volo,) is a surveyor on his thirties, full of life and ideas. He has a big dream: Open a business with his friends. Overall, who has never dreamt about it?

To achieve his dreams, Mario is willing to do anything, even living a temporary life and accepting to be somebody else.

So, when Mario receives a job offer to work as a public officer in his city, he decides to accept it, even if the job is far away from his inspirations and principles.

Mario will crush against a world of bleakness, bureaucracy, subterfuges, darkness, and humiliation.

In this world, all his excitement, ideas and projects will be lived as a contagious disease from which he should get urgently cured.

But the encounter with a girl (Valeria Solarino) will open Mario perspectives and give him the courage to hope and dream again.

The dream will be not to open a business anymore, but to live in a country where people would be respected and recognized from what they really are and deserve…


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