Save the Date for: Screening of “The First Assignment” by Giorgia Cecere on Nov. 20

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November 14, 2012 by Italians in Chicago

By Valeria Fanelli –

The Italian Institute of Culture presents the screening of “The First Assignment,” on Nov. 20.

The movie tells the story of Nena, a girl from the South of Italy, who has to travel far from home to get her first job as a teacher. She is sad, not because she has to leave her mother and sister, with whom everything is clear and sometimes difficult, but because she is having a serious love affair with someone from her village to whom she is very committed: a young upper-middle class man who seems to sincerely feel the same. They promise that nothing will change between them. It is only until June and then she can ask for a transfer. And so she leaves, a little sad and a little curious about what is in store for her. But what she finds is completely different from what she imagined. It’s much worse: a school isolated on a high mountain plain, wild children, people she has nothing in common with and a hostile environment. She sticks it out because of pride and because Francesco loves her for her courage, until one cold February day when everything goes wrong, everything seems lost forever… but it isn’t so, it’s never that bad. Nena will find this out day by day.

To make a reservation, click here.


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