Four Quick Tips for Street Food Lovers in Rome

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October 27, 2012 by Italians in Chicago

by Maurizio Carta –

Rome – Getting food on the street has always been a trend in Italy.
People love to eat something fresh, fast and cheap that they can taste in front of monuments, walking on the streets, or  occasionally sitting at a table.

Even if the mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno, recently issued a law that would charge people with a €500 fee if caught eating or drinking by Rome’s historic fountains, the Italian trend of eating on the street remains popular  amongst both Italians and tourists.

Chicago News wants to give some tips to help finding the best places where people can grab some excellent of pizza, ice cream or tiramisu in the Eternal City.

Each place is located close to downtown, or by a metro stop, so that street food lovers can easily reach them.

1- Pizzarium, via della Meloria 43 –a few steps from Cipro station, metro line A.
This pizza temple is the reign of Gabriele Bonci, the “king” of pizza. Bonci is famous in Rome because he uses the ancient method of making Roman style pizza. Bonci’s pizza has a crunchy crust and it is soft on the top. His dough is light and digestible. In one year of pizza eating at Pizzarium, people can taste over 1,500 different kinds of pizza. Bonci is always looking for some new recipes and his pizza follows the food availability of the season –all ingredients are fresh. Even if it is not the cheapest pizza in Rome, Notizie Chicago staff can attest to the quality and the great taste of this pizza.
Check out this recent interview of Bonci for :

2- Forno Roscioli, via dei Chiavari 34–few steps from Campo De Fiori.
If people want to experience “tradition” in Rome, they must visit Forno Roscioli.
In this place it is possible to taste bread, cakes and pizza as Romans used to do since the beginning of the 20th century. Roscioli uses only fresh ingredients and his food has been described as a lyrical poetry. Prices of pizza are very convenient and the great taste is guaranteed.
For more information, please visit:

3- Pompi, via Albalonga 7 –few steps from Re di Roma station, metro line A.
Pompi offers a variety of tiramisù, from the traditional which is made  with coffee and cream mascarpone,  the soft fruit one and the pistachio kind. Pompi’s individual portion of tiramisù costs only €3.5. This means that people can taste some real and authentic tiramisù for about $5 and enjoy it in front of a priceless scenario in the beautiful Rome.
For more information, visit:

4- Fassi, Palazzo del freddo, via Principe Eugenio 65 –few steps from Vittorio Emanuele station, metro line A.
Ice cream means Fassi, in Rome. Fassi’s palace was opened in 1880 and since then, ice cream has been prepared following the same traditional method. The recipe is simple: fresh milk, fresh fruit and Italian passion. Fassi family said during the World War II, the store was so popular that American Red Cross took over the activity for two years, in order to produce ice cream for American troops.
Check it out on:


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